Quran - Sura al-Nasr



death to Israel in the world's live languages

 death to Israel in the world's live languages

persian : مرگ بر اسرائيل

arabic: الموت لاسرائيل

english: Death to Israel

afrikaans: Dood aan Israel

albanian: Vdekje Izraelit

basque: Israelen Death

catalan: Mort a Israel

croation: Smrt Izraelu

czech: Smrt Izraeli

dutch: Dood aan Israël

estonian: Surm Iisraelile

filipino: Kamatayan sa Israel

finnish: Kuolema Israelille

french: Mort à Israël

galician: Morte a Israel

german: Tod für Israel

indonesian: Kematian bagi Israel

italian: Morte a Israele

latin: Mors Israhel

malay: Kematian kepada Israel

norwegian: Death to Israel

portuguese: Morte a Israel

romanian: Moarte Israel

slovenian: Smrt v Izrael

spanish: Muerte a Israel

swahili: Kifo kwa Israeli

urdu: اسرائيل کي موت

welsh: Marwolaeth i Israel


Soldiers of Islam

death to Israel in the world's live languages

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